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           US HOUSE HOME
Congressional Session: 117th   
January 03, 2021
Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi D-CA.12
House Minority Leader: Kevin McCarthy R-CA.23
Majority Party: Democrat
Minority Partyt: Republican

           US SENATE HOME
Congressional Session: 117th   
January 03, 2021
Senate Majority Leader: Chuck Schumer D-NY
Senate Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell R-KY
Majority Party: Democrat
Minority Partyt: Republican

Office of the Presidency:     The Executive Branch
President: Joseph R. Biden   (D).DE
Vice-President: Kamala D. Harris    (D).S-CA
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20005
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     Citizen Summary:

A crucial step in improving the functionality of our law-making process and this site, is the awareness and comprehension of what's in a bill. This feature is organized for committee specific citizen teams to read introduced bills and create concise summary-briefs in bullet point style (i.e. "cliff-notes®" if you will), for the general publics assessment. Ideally, the bills principle points (intent of action, impact, costs) can be stated in 1 to 3 pages.

Special note will be made of the inclusion of "conflict amendments/riders" (elements included, but NOT germane to the principle bill summary statement). This CAN BE a cause to consider/request a rejection vote on a generally beneficial bills. As a supplemental information support, we (summary team) will also include a "BILL QUIZ", a non-binding post-reading assessment to test your comprehension of the bills intention and stated points {your score DOES NOT impact your ability to submit a CCLIP statement}.

Please NOTE:The team should resist the urge to editorialize and simply exercise the skill to craft bullet points on the bill points and impacts, riders, stated amendments and potentially unrelated measures.

Congressional Invitation:

In our pursuit to facilitate a reciprocal relationship with our elected representatives and the job they are tasked to do, any member of Congress (especially those in a commitee for this particual C-CLIP, can issue a brief (again in bullet points ideally) stating a PRO(FOR) or CON(Against) argument on the merits of the bill for general public (and even peer) assessment.

We think that this feature can effectively guide the citizen in a much more thoughtful action concerning the required vote-print-post-mail needs of a CCLIP to their respective representatives, or committee members.

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