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The Franklin Force: A new phase in political partnership TestVer: 9.30.2019

Benjamin Franklin    (1706-1790)
Author, politician, statesman, inventor, scientist, First Post Master General

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Congressional Session: 117th   
January 03, 2021
Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi D-CA.12
House Minority Leader: Kevin McCarthy R-CA.23
Majority Party: Democrat
Minority Partyt: Republican

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Congressional Session: 117th   
January 03, 2021
Senate Majority Leader: Chuck Schumer D-NY
Senate Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell R-KY
Majority Party: Democrat
Minority Partyt: Republican

Office of the Presidency:     The Executive Branch
President: Joseph R. Biden   (D).DE
Vice-President: Kamala D. Harris    (D).S-CA
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20005
A party of the people, for the people, by the people
In homage and tribute to two of America's most enlightened leaders

Declaration of Interdependence
Franklin Delano Roosevelt    (1882-1945)
32nd President, Only 4 term President, Steward thru the crisis of the Depression and WWII.

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                      [Rights & Responsibilities]

The Declaration of Interdependence:

When in the course of human events, the conscientious citizen seeks to live in a state of evolving harmonious balance within the natural supportive systems of self, society and providence (as represented by the phenomenal diversity and variety of the eco-system, biosphere, resource plenty and any acknowledged, known and unknown powers greater).

For said citizen, as an autonomous entity it is realized as self-evident and naturally ordained that one has the inalienable right to pursue:

  1. Health and harmony of Body:
    • as healthy diet thru nutritious foods and beverage
    • exercise movement as self expression for physical vibrancy
    • environmentally grounded sustainable shelter and provisions
    • and mature sexual exchange satisfaction according to affinity and type.
  2. Health and harmony of Emotions:
    • as belonging, relating and helpful/joyful entity connections -- both nurtured and nurturing
    • self and social enrichment engagement in common-unity (community) affinity and beneficial groupings
    • peace without antagonism, fear, harrassment or hostility from others both known and unknown
    • tranquility and connection to supportive systems for the manifestation of optimal life vibrancy and contribution.
  3. Health and harmony of Mind:
    • as the supported and supportive growth of knowledge and understanding regarding ones place, role, responsibilities, possibilities and potentials
      as a part, particle, participant in all involved and evolving systems of life.
    • freedom of creativity and expression for the reciprocal development of affinity actions balance
    • the responsible development in the skillsets of analysis, process and systems interdependencies
    • guidance and practice in the manifestations of ethical and humble engagement with and in the multi-variant systems of citizen life

  4. These self-directed actions manifesting in the context of mutual interdependence and reciprocity in all systems, are rights of birth as a global-oriented citizen, residing in the nation of birth or choice, and are acknowledged to be right, just and sacrosanct.

    Said citizens are always respectful, responsible and protective of the rights of all human and eco-system entities while in the self-satisfying pursuit and development of their acknowledged natural talents for personal and family happiness -- joined with social, national and planetary contributions.

    Said citizens are worthy of appropriate life sustaining earnings, payments and rewards (based on equitable and fair nation or cultural principles) for their contributions of interdependence as the expression of realized talents, skills, intellect, labor, charity and spiritual vibrancy (as life-systems unifying practices) on terms expressed primarily by, but not limited to, the autonomous citizen's efforts.

    Let it be noted, while efforts are the measure of a healthy autonomous life, said citizen is not alone. Membership in a burgeoning, evolving society has not just rights and privileges, but also the most worthy measure -- responsibilities and duties according to abilities, abundance and talents.

    Harmonious societies do not spring eternal or spontaneously. They require intelligent systemic efforts and guidance by the aggregate body politic of citizens. Efforts and guidance are flexible, nuanced and respectful of spontaneity, but alas, must depend upon structure and openness to change and/or modification when the place and need for improvement are identified. Much as a parent intelligently corrects and raises a child for the full expression of human possibility as a self-reliant, self-developing socially interdependent self -- by healthy and harmonious contribution, the citizen member nurtures and raises society.

    Said citizen accepts the charge to assist in the structure, maintenance and growth of the participating social systems as practices stated, but not limited to:

    1. Social Health & Progress:
      • Healthcare & vibrancy from pre-natal to geriatric death transition
      • Safety and shelter thru balanced action, defense and planning, from threats, antagonism and attack
      • Support in cases of accident or disaster, both natural and citizen/society generated
      • Remedy in cases of disease, pathogens, pollutants and corporate, institutional, social or scientific maladaption.
    2. Education:
      • Identification of type and learning style while nurturing talents and skills for life-long self and social engagement benefit.
      • Exposition on the nature of self, scientific and spiritual inquiry, personal & societal history, interdependence and responsibilities
      • Exercises in the expression and expansion of arts, creativity and social reciprocity
    3. Economics:
      • Finance only as resource/labor mediation tools and surplus for longevity and life vibrancy comforts.
      • Industry and infrastructure as the application of self-skills, social utility and usefulness
      • Responsible partnership in the realization of corporate citizenship, production, profit and system serving progress
      • Sustainability and waste control as respectful and balanced use of natural and citizen made resources
      • Technology as the expansion of tools and means of societal non-human-demeaning progress.
    4. Politics:
      • Adaptation and adaptability of guidelines, codes, rules and laws of responsibility for all entity types, especially those requiring protections
      • Assessment of and work for the regulation of harmonious group and eco-system balance
      • Helpful declarations for the appropriate modification of out-dated interdependent transactions.
      • Affirmations by the body politic in the management of resources, eco-systems usage and population balance measures, where and when applicable.

    It must be stated, that intelligent observation and reflection of contemporary societies of the 21st century, tethered and bound to 18th, 19th and 20th century homogenous social mores, constructs, attitudes and structures are no longer feasible, sustainable or appropriate for harmonious human and eco-system transactions, reciprocity or vibrancy.

    To this end, it is acknowledged that an open, just and free society of informed and interested responsible citizens accepts the mandate to confront and resolve for maximum mutual benefit and harmony, the disunity and distortions that inhibit, prohibit and restrict the natural state of the balanced being of an individual and collection of citizens, already stated herein. That the intelligent systemic efforts to banish into perpetuity the policies and actions currently manifest as unequal, unjust, unfair, biased and irresponsibly controlling and detrimental to the eco-system and human productivity are begun post haste and with fierce determination.

    In this spirit, we generate here, the foundation framework for the movement designated: the Franklin Force. In honor and homage to one who served as a thoughtful and vibrant founding focus, and one who served nobly as a force of fortitude during a floundering phase of this great nation.

    May Providence guide and reward us with a better world.       
    For The Franklin Force        

    - WeControlCongress: Site Moderator